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Run The Rock: Skateboarding and Strength Training to be a Better Runner

Skateboarding to running

During the past two weeks my total mileage has been less than the 13.1 that I will have to run on race day. Due to a busy schedule and a lack of motivation, 13 days have passed since I last wore the Vibram Five Fingers that I run in. Today the running drought was broken by a flood, as I saw major improvements during my run. It seems that a break from running, a lot of skateboarding, and a familiar training plan did me some good.

My last run, on September 27th, was 5.86 miles long and took me 55 minutes to run. I remember feeling awesome during this run, to which I credited my newly created, home made energy bars. That was followed by two weeks of intermittent strength training, much like One Workout Per Hour, without the rigorous schedule. This period also included about 9 total hours of skateboarding at a couple of local skate parks. Today my run lasted 51 minutes while I covered exactly 6 miles. I cut off almost one minute per mile in two weeks, without running!

In addition to cutting minutes off of my time, I also felt much more comfortable and relaxed while running today. A couple of miles into the workout I became unusually aware of my short stride and sagging posture. By pushing my hips forward under my shoulders and lifting my head high I was able to breathe more deeply, lengthen my stride, and return to running comfortably.

Although this is a dramatic example, it helps to prove that strength training and cross training are crucial to reaching your potential, even for runners.

You can check out all of the details for the runs mentioned here, as well as the rest of my training at iMapMyRun.


Run The Rock: Short On Training Time

This past week has been a bit hectic, although that is no excuse for slacking. I am now only two months out from my first half marathon and missed almost an entire week of running. Fortunately, the time restraints that have kept me from putting in mileage have not kept me from training all together. Instead I fell back on a training technique that I tested in a previous weeks endeavor.

Early this past week I realized that life was getting in the way of my normal training. Without enough time to workout all at once I had to get some training in. This was a subtle reminder of a previous endeavor where I did one workout per hour for an entire week. This would be a great way to continue my training even though I didn’t have enough free time to go running.

With this plan I was able to accumulate 30-45 minutes a day of exercise without having that much time to set aside. It allowed me to take advantage of less than 5 minutes free time at work, or a few minutes before I jumped into the shower. As I noted in the wrap up for One Workout Per Hour, this was a great way to exercise everyday without having to commit a one hour block to a workout. Unfortunately I don’t believe that it was the most productive week considering that none of it was cardio based, but it was certainly better than missing the week all together.

On a side note, I have noticed that my overall sports performance has greatly increased since I have began training. My bowling average has increase from a 190 to a 201 in the past month alone, and I have added at least 40 feet to my disc golf drives. I believe that this is due to an overall increase in activity level and muscular control.

Do you think that sport specific training in one area can have such an effect on other sports?