Webster In A Week: Crunch Time

     For once I thought procrastination paid off, the pressure to learn a webster in one day forced me to work hard. After one hour outside I landed my first webster, kind of, it doesn’t look as good as I would like. I was so excited that I came inside, typed up a whole blog post and while uploading the video I shut down notepad before saving. Here is the video of my first webster. This is going to be cut short because I still need to go back outside and try to land with straight legs in an upright position before it is too dark to record. With only one hour of daylight left I am going to see if procrastination will prevail for me by providing the pressure to succeed.


One Workout Per Hour: The end of the week.

    This past weeks endeavor was tedious and interrupted every aspect of my life. The regular exercises also led to me walking around sweaty and smelling like BO for most of the day. Because of how overbearing this challenge was I had no desire to spend more time on it by writing. Even though it became very annoying I stuck it out and tried to focus on the positive.

    One of the main things that I appreciate about this week was that I never missed a day of exercise. Where I would normally give myself some excuse to skip a days workout, this week I knew that it would take me less than five minutes at a time. Because of the small amount of time that I had to commit immediately it was easy to, as Nike would say, just do it. It was also pleasant to get in a full workout every day without much soreness.

    During the week there were a few highlights caused by untimely workouts. Continue reading

One Workout Every Hour: Hourly Exercise Day 2

    In yesterday’s post I wrote that I was finishing up my post quickly in order to avoid another exercise that night. Unfortunately as I got into the bed and checked the clock it was already 1:01. So I rolled out of bed, landed on the floor in plank position and held it for 50 seconds. I figured since I would be getting straight back into bed that I wouldn’t do anything to significantly raise my heart rate. From now on I will have to leave myself more than 30 minutes to prepare for, and get to bed.

    Today I worked a from 9am to 9pm today, and much like yesterday was quite busy. Although, unlike yesterday I used my opportunities to workout at home to use weights and increase intensity. Continue reading

One Workout Every Hour: The first day filled with exercise.

Last week was severely disappointing, for the first time I completed a week and feel like I have failed. Over seven days I spent more than three-hour attempting to meditate and was not able to concentrate. The practice continued to frustrate and disinterest me. Despite this I held out and completed the week, but found no real benefit from doing so. Because of the high praises that I continue to hear about meditation it is possible that I will revisit this challenge in the future, but not until I have gained new insight on the practice. In the meantime I have returned to a physical challenge for this week’s endeavor.

From the time I woke up this morning, to the time I go to sleep Sunday night I will have completed more than 100 workouts. My goal is to complete one workout for ever hour that I am awake for an entire week. Continue reading

Practicing Meditation: Getting started is a struggle.

This week I expected my task to bring ease and relaxation. I was looking forward to the added focus and concentration that I would find. Instead I have found frustration and fatigue. After the first three days I have only completed one thirty minute session. One week of meditation has been much more of a challenge than I had expected.

On the first day I followed along with a YouTube series about how to meditate. As I listened to these videos my mind was constantly wandering. With my eyes shut my brain filled in the pictures, but quickly took over the rest of my senses also. Losing all focus on my meditation I was lost in my own thoughts, just seconds after I started. This happened repeatedly, only to be corrected when the video reminded me to focus on my breath. Continue reading

First backflip!

I just did my first flat ground backflip! And then a few more just for fun. Check it out:


Afraid to Flip: A confidence building week.

On a few occasions as a kid I was taken to a gymnastics gym, usually for a friends birthday party. I always had a blast doing flips and tricks on the trampolines or into the foam pit. A gym would be the perfect place to learn a backflip, with padded floors, a spring board, and possibly somebody to give me advice. On Wednesday I began searching for local gyms, and when they had open gym times. After calling a few local gyms I realized that most don’t allow adults. The closest one that I could find with adult open gym was an hour away, with open gym on Monday and Tuesday. By now I had wasted most of my evening and it was necessary that I made some progress. Continue reading