One Workout Per Hour: The end of the week.

    This past weeks endeavor was tedious and interrupted every aspect of my life. The regular exercises also led to me walking around sweaty and smelling like BO for most of the day. Because of how overbearing this challenge was I had no desire to spend more time on it by writing. Even though it became very annoying I stuck it out and tried to focus on the positive.

    One of the main things that I appreciate about this week was that I never missed a day of exercise. Where I would normally give myself some excuse to skip a days workout, this week I knew that it would take me less than five minutes at a time. Because of the small amount of time that I had to commit immediately it was easy to, as Nike would say, just do it. It was also pleasant to get in a full workout every day without much soreness.

    During the week there were a few highlights caused by untimely workouts. The most notable of which was at Wal-Mart while I was grocery shopping. My alarm went off, indicating that it was time for another exercise. As I decided what exercise to do I tried to find an obscure area to avoid embarrassing stares. I decided that the back of the crafts aisle wouldn’t have any traffic, and body-weight squats wouldn’t be too awkward to do in the supermarket.

    Towards the end of my workout I was approached by a couple that politely asked what I was doing. I explained myself and the blog, in an attempt to seem less insane. They still seemed a little shocked by the idea of it all, but quickly asked why I had not chosen to use the equipment in the exercise section instead of crafts. Why hadn’t I thought of that? Although it is too late to use, I would like to thank Chris and Sarah for such an obviously good idea.

    Due to the late start that I will be getting on this weeks endeavor I have decided that it would be best to learn a new skill. Because I am still excited about my success with the backflip I have decided to go that same direction. While looking up backflip tutorials on YouTube I found this tutorial on how to do a webster. My goal for this week is to land at least one clean webster, and I hope to again have a video of my first time landing one.


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  1. […] 5 minutes free time at work, or a few minutes before I jumped into the shower. As I noted in the wrap up for One Workout Per Hour, this was a great way to exercise everyday without having to commit a one hour block to a workout. […]


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