One Workout Every Hour: Hourly Exercise Day 2

    In yesterday’s post I wrote that I was finishing up my post quickly in order to avoid another exercise that night. Unfortunately as I got into the bed and checked the clock it was already 1:01. So I rolled out of bed, landed on the floor in plank position and held it for 50 seconds. I figured since I would be getting straight back into bed that I wouldn’t do anything to significantly raise my heart rate. From now on I will have to leave myself more than 30 minutes to prepare for, and get to bed.

    Today I worked a from 9am to 9pm today, and much like yesterday was quite busy. Although, unlike yesterday I used my opportunities to workout at home to use weights and increase intensity. As you might notice, when you read my exercise list below, I forgot to carry my bands with me today and therefore only used them once. For the rest of the week I expect to be home for a few more workouts per day and will surely be adding more weight lifting. Hopefully having bands at work will add some diversity and creativity to my hourly exercises.

This is from 9am until… well midnight by the time I am finished.

Side Plank – 30 seconds per side
Decline Push-ups – 20
Single-Leg Squats – 12 per side
Chair dips – 30
Deadlift – 12 with 130 lbs
Snatch – 7 with 80 lbs
Shoulder-width Push-ups – 20
V-ups – 25
Pull-ups – 15
Squats – 30
Calf raises – 18
Supermans – 15
Band curls – 30
DB Bench – 15 with 50 lbs
Plate Twist – 25 with 25 lbs
Face-up plank – 50 Seconds


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