One Workout Every Hour: The first day filled with exercise.

Last week was severely disappointing, for the first time I completed a week and feel like I have failed. Over seven days I spent more than three-hour attempting to meditate and was not able to concentrate. The practice continued to frustrate and disinterest me. Despite this I held out and completed the week, but found no real benefit from doing so. Because of the high praises that I continue to hear about meditation it is possible that I will revisit this challenge in the future, but not until I have gained new insight on the practice. In the meantime I have returned to a physical challenge for this week’s endeavor.

From the time I woke up this morning, to the time I go to sleep Sunday night I will have completed more than 100 workouts. My goal is to complete one workout for ever hour that I am awake for an entire week. Considering that I often wake up just after 8 am and get to bed shortly after midnight I am looking forward to 16 exercises per day. Multiply that by seven days and I am expecting roughly 110, if not more, before the end of this week.

Today having been the first day of this workout routine I had not considered the lack of exercise equipment that was available at work. Between that and an average busy day, I did almost all bodyweight workouts and do not feel that it amounted to much. For the remainder of the week I plan to keep bands with me and take a doorway pull-up bar to work in order increase my workout options. (It is now midnight; I am going to do some band rows.) I will also be using weights when I am home to help raise the intensity.

Among the things I need to add is a reminder system, which I will likely set in my phone. I didn’t think that reminders would be necessary, because perfect timing is not the goal. Since I am not able to postpone important calls or meetings at work I must be flexible to a degree, but this evening I forgot about my 7 o’clock workout all together. Shortly after eight I realized that I had forgotten, but it was already time for another exercise. Because of this mishap I will be setting an alarm to remind me every hour.

For those of you who are curious I will be keeping track of my workouts over the remainder of the week. At this point in time there is not set structure to the workout, difficulty, or number of reps that are chosen. Today my only objective was to think of a unique exercise to perform every hour, and not burn myself out before the end of the day. Because of the time I am going to wrap this up to avoid another exercise before bed. If you have any exercises that I could perform while at work, the grocery store, or where ever else I might find myself when the big hand hits 12, I could use some ideas.

Starting at 9 AM (Today was all bodyweight)
Squats – 35
Push-ups – 20
Chair dips – 25
Mountain Climbers – 25
Chin –ups – 15
Glute Bridges – 20
Calf Raises – 12
Wall sits – 50 seconds
Pull-ups – 12
Supermans – 10
I missed the 7 PM exercise
High Jumps – 15
Burpees – 20
Crunches – 50
Six Inches – 60 seconds
Band Rows – 20


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