Afraid To Flip: One week to land a backflip.

    Unfortunately I did not end up posting this last night as expected. After working two doubles in a row, right at the beginning of my week, I haven’t made any progress on the backflip either. This week only has one rule; by Monday at 12:00 A.M. I will have the confidence to land a standing backflip on flat ground. Sounds like an easy challenge to me; I am more than confident that I have the physical ability to land a backflip. Although, every time I prepare I hit a mental roadblock, I am held back by some irrational fear that keeps me from even attempting. Over the remainder of this week my main objective is to break myself of this fear.

    The two long work days have completely eliminated my daylight hours and I haven’t spent any time working on this week’s endeavor. Despite the shortened week that I have to work with, I still expect to land a standing backflip before this coming Monday. I will get comfortable with what I know, and try to learn something new daily. As I am typing this I am developing my plan of action, so let me know if I have missed any crucial steps.

    Day 1, actually day 3, I will watch YouTube tutorials and practice what little skills I do have. These skills include a cartwheel, front handspring, and round-off. Now that I am behind I will probably also try my best to learn a back handspring. Hopefully I will have a few videos of this week’s progress, which will help me see what I need to work on, and will likely contain a few bloopers. If all goes well I will make it through day 3 without any injuries.

    By the end of day 4 I hope to have a respectable back handspring and I expect this to be easiest to learn with a running round-off. Noting that I have never successfully landed a back handspring, I will attempt to learn this with the help of YouTube and a fair amount of practice. At some point I plan to visit my sister because she did cheerleading and tumbling, where she learned how to do a backflip, and might still have a tumbling mat that I could borrow. The rest of my week will be based solely on the progress made in these first two days.

    My current, and most honest, expectation is that I will overcome my fear within a few days and complete this challenge before day 7. If not my frustration might build to that point that my head explodes. Attempting a backflip on flat ground is one nonsensical fear that I have yet to overcome, but this is my week. For tonight I feel that I need to clear my mind of this and begin practicing my current skills tomorrow without any more thought of a backflip, hopefully this will eliminate my apprehension.

    What advice would you give somebody that is facing an irrational fear?

Afraid to flip:
Day 1 3
Day 5


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  1. […] that it would be best to learn a new skill. Because I am still excited about my success with the backflip I have decided to go that same direction. While looking up backflip tutorials on YouTube I found […]


  2. If you follow these steps, you should be able to pull it off as your body will get use to it:

    1. Jump and fall back into raised padding. This gets you use to going backwards.
    2. Do a backflip on a trampoline with a spot.
    3. Do a backflip on a trampoline by yourself.
    4. Do a backflip into a pad from a raised height (start at about 3 feet) with a spot.
    5. Do a backflip into a pad from a raised height by yourself
    6. Work down in height until you can do it without any extra height.
    7. Do a backflip on the floor (no padded landing) with a spot
    8. Do a backflip on the floor.
    9. Take it outside, recommended to do it in the sand or grass. Start with a spot if needed.



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