One Week No Seat: Where is my seat?

Over the weekend I was sleeping in late and leaving the house as soon as I woke up. Saturday and Sunday were two very long days, without work to keep me occupied I had to stay as busy as ever. Most of my excitement for the challenge had faded and I was only driven by how close I was to completion. Unfortunately I woke up today still having to stand most of the day, because my desks both at work and home are still standing desks.

Beginning this week I was very happy with standing at work, I was more comfortable and getting more work done. This preference has not yet changed, even as I type this I am standing at my desk at home. I plan to leave both of my desks as they are for the foreseeable future, although for the next few days I will be sitting at every opportunity. I believe that standing at work has, and will continue to be, very beneficial for me.

Standing for one week was not as physically demanding as I had expected. By mid-week the minor soreness in my heels had subsided with no other aches to speak of. I was often exhausted by the end of the day, but still found it tough to sleep without any time to relax in the evenings. I think that I gained the most from the mental aspect of this challenge.

From the beginning of the week my game plan was to stay busy enough to forget about sitting, it didn’t take too long for me to realize the major flaw. I would lose myself in an activity that required me to be standing but when I would finish I would sit down without thinking. For example, on Sunday I was out playing disc golf for about two and a half hours. When we finished we went to a friends house to watch the Mav’s game and I sat down. It took my only a minute to realize my mistake which, once again, led to a series of questions about me standing. In order to avoid sitting it was necessary for me to focus on standing, which made this task much more difficult.

In conclusion I think that I am more excited to be done with my first challenge then I was getting started. Despite the lack of physical distress that I expected it was very difficult. It led to unexpectedly awkward social interactions, and was more of a mental challenge than expected. All in all I think standing was a great way to kick of this project and I am looking forward to beginning my next endeavor, which will begin a day late, but finish right on time. So check back later this evening when I will go into more detail about next weeks challenge of learning a backflip.

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