One Week No Seat: Day 4

At the beginning of 2011 I successfully altered my sleep schedule. It wasn’t a major change, but I was able to wake up in the morning before my alarm. I had gone from sleeping eight hours every night to sleeping for six and a half at night and 45 minutes at 5 pm. I was getting 45 minutes less sleep every day and feeling more refreshed in the morning. After a few months I switched back to an 8-hour sleep schedule because it is better suited to my life, but still occasionally nap to supplement a late night.

As this week progresses my body is forcing me to alter that timing. Because I have not been sitting to relax before bed my body took a few days to get accustomed to falling asleep quickly, but was assisted by pure exhaustion. On day three I was tired enough for a nap at 5 pm and woke up 45 minutes later, also falling asleep easily around 1 am. Today I was in need of another nap at 5 pm, this time sleeping for on hour and a half and now at 12:30 ready to get to sleep. I didn’t expect standing all day to have such an impact on my sleep, but I will try to settle in at seven to eight hours at night with a one hour nap for the rest of the week. Including the additional sleep that I am in need of I have noticed a few other unexpected things.

Another example is while standing a large percentage of furniture becomes useless. This morning I was imagining how much larger the average house would look and feel without all of the couches and coffee tables. The dining room table would need to be a bit taller, but could be smaller because there would be no chairs. Just imagine what a restaurant or movie theater would look like if everybody stood, or how it would feel being the only person standing there. It was a little unusual in a bar when everybody else is sitting, but certainly not like a restaurant would be.

Until last night at Stephanie’s birthday party I hadn’t realized how unusual it is to stand among a group of sitting people. I was among a group of good friends with only a few dozen people in the bar. I walked in and sat down with the group out of habit, after about 30 seconds I realized what I had done and stood up. This made me think of how awkward it would make unfamiliar people, and possibly friends, feel to have somebody constantly standing over them.

The last, and most appealing is that I feel as though I have more time in the day. While standing I do not have the patience to stay in one place for a long period of time, even as I was eating dinner tonight I would catch myself pacing between bites. This need to be in constant motion is a bit unsettling, but at the same time it has helped me to be more productive and attentive. I feel like I have been noticing everyday things that I would normally not be aware of.

Over half way through my first challenge and looking forward to the next one; my couch looks more comfortable than ever. I feel like I am over the top of the hill looking down at the finish line, although I know that the weekend is likely to be the most difficult part. I need to make a serious amount of plans to keep me busy through the weekend to avoid boredom. What could I do to pass a few hours over the weekend?

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