One Week No Seat: Can I stand it?

No need for a chair

Broken Lawn Chair

    For many years I worked as a full-time waiter, spending hundreds of 8 to 10 hour shifts on my feet. While working this job I was thankful for any opportunity to sit for a minute and rest. When I began working a nine to five desk job I was excited to sit while working, surely it must be easier than constantly walking in circles. Although, it didn’t take long to realize how uncomfortable eight hours of sitting could become.

    I tried everything I could find to be more comfortable while sitting at work. Correct sitting posture, something nobody seems to agree on, only led to regularly waking up with a stiff neck and soreness. Switching chairs didn’t make much difference, 8 hours was just too long for me to sit. I was able to find temporary relief through stretching periodically during the day. Shortly after I began this routine I was introduced to the idea of a stand up desk. After spending too much time planning and talking about building this desk I threw together an old night stand, some unused books, and a file organizer in just a few minutes.

My Desk At Work

My Desk At Work

    The first day I was determined not to sit, just to see how difficult it would be. Constantly fidgeting and pacing, it was easy to settle into work just to keep my mind off of sitting. I left work that day happy to sit, if just for the drive home. I have now been standing at work for two weeks and am accustomed to it. I have become more focused and productive, finding it difficult to remain unoccupied while standing. Because of the benefits that I have seen from standing at work I am challenging myself to endure one week without sitting.

    The rules are simple, wake up in the morning and do not put my butt on any solid surface until I go to bed that night. The only exceptions to this rule are when I am driving, which I will limit as much as possible, and when I am using the restroom, sometimes. During this week I will try to occupy as much of my time as possible to keep my mind off of sitting, it will be the hours after sundown that I expect to be difficult. It has been less than 6 hours and I already feel restless anticipating the coming week.

    What would you suggest I do to keep my mind off of sitting?


One Week No Seat
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