Weekly Endeavor: A new adventure starts every monday.

       Welcome to Weekly Endeavor, where you are invited to follow along as I push myself to complete weekly challenges. At the beginning of each week I will introduce a new challenge, go over the rules, and cover any thoughts or concerns I have regarding the task. You can expect regular updates which will include my progress, whether positive or negative, as well as any information or new insight I have about the current endeavor. These tasks will include learning new skills, others will challenge me to endure one week without giving up.

       This idea came about when I was told of a stand up computer desk and decided to try it out. I used an old night stand to elevate my monitor at work and was determined to last one 8 hour day without sitting. This turned out to be quite difficult. No more than halfway through the day soreness began to set in, and I found myself constantly fidgeting. By the end of the day I was happy to be sitting for the drive home. After this personal challenge I decided that it would be fun to attempt an entire week without sitting. I then began thinking of a number of challenges that I could try one week at a time.

       Weekly Endeavor will not only be my place to share these experiences with you, it will also be a source of motivation for me. Giving regular reports of each individual challenge and my progress will help to keep me focused and driven. Any failures will also be posted, helping to push me towards success every week. My hope is that this will lead to extensive personal growth and self-improvement, as well as a better understanding of me and what I am truly capable of.

       As you follow along I hope to inspire you to join me in these challenges, pushing yourself to new limits. You are invited to comment with your experiences, struggles, questions, or even something motivational. I know that if you join me in this adventure you will discover exciting new things about yourself and your personal limitations. When we learn to let go of our self-doubt we might all be lucky enough to find something that we are truly passionate about.

       What kind of activities would you find challenging or fun to do for one week?


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